Father and Son Discuss Paris Terrorist Attack: ‘They Might Have Guns, but We Have Flowers’

A father and son being interviewed by French media at the scene of the Bataclan attacks, Paris. 
(Image: Jeje 125  via  Screenshot/YouTube)
A father and son being interviewed by French media at the scene of the Bataclan attacks, Paris. (Image: Jeje 125 via Screenshot/YouTube)

With our news feeds being soaked by coverage of the awful events that occurred in Paris last Friday, it’s refreshing to see something that came from it that renews your faith in humanity.

In the video below, French television Le Petit Journal sur Canal+ interviewed a father and his son just a day after the terrorist attack, which left nearly 130 innocent people dead.

It’s life affirming on so many levels, and it’s currently going viral (over 7 million views) for good reason.

Watch as this father and son have the most precious conversation about the Paris attacks:

The interview was done outside the scene of the worst killings from the atrocity — the Bataclan concert venue — where people have laid flowers and lit candles to remember those who died.

The reporter asks the boy if he understands what is happening, and the boy replies that they are “really mean,” the “bad guys are not very nice,” and that he and his family may need to change houses.

His father reminds him though that “France is our home,” and then gently explains to his son why they won’t be moving.

“They might have guns, but we have flowers,” the father says at one point.

“But flowers don’t do anything…” says the young boy.

“Of course they do. Look, everyone is putting flowers. It’s to fight against guns,” says the father.

“It’s to protect?” asks the boy.


“And the candles too?”

‘It’s to remember the people who are gone yesterday,’ says his father.

Across the world, netizens are showing their appreciation of the interview online, and below are some examples:

  • I like how you think, little guy
  • That’s really the way you have make to disappear children’s fears. Thank you so much. Merci beaucoup pour ton propos formidables! Tu es un papa incroyable (magnifique!).
  • This hits harder than any news headline.
  • Flowers won’t stop guns, but THIS KID will.
  • Absolutely incredible dad; THIS is what a male role-model should look like for boys!
  • That smile when he says: “The flowers are here to protect us,” it’s like you can see the worry disappear in that moment. This is amazing parenting by the guy, seriously.
  • Thank God, there are still humans, people like this father! We need to know there is still hope! People like this father and this kid are the proof that the Hell we live in, our world, can finally become better! There is still hope! He is not just an incredible dad, but also a lovely person. There is still this side of humanity, the bright one.

According to SBS, the father was overwhelmed by the warm response that their interview received, and he offered his own thanks via an online message.

“This is when I see all this support that I said one thing: I am proud to be French, and proud of my compatriots!!! My family and I embrace you,” he wrote.

Watch this is footage from FRANCE 24 English of people from around the world paying their respect to the victims of Friday’s terrorist attack:

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