These Children Show the Power of Simplicity, Sincerity, and Compassion

Children are naturally sincere and compassionate. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)
Children are naturally sincere and compassionate. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)

Children naturally are kind and pure, and will help out when others are in need.

Here are some touching stories of children showing their sincerity and compassion.

A boy sings for his sister

A divorced couple had split the custody of the children, so the mother had the little girl, and the father had the son. Every night the little boy would sing to the wall, one song after another, till he went to sleep. One night when the dad was trying to get some work finished, he got fed up with listening to the boy’s singing and asked him to stop. The little boy said: “My sister has to hear my singing so she can get to sleep.” This made the father break down and cry for his broken family.

A boy helps his mother

A woman was cleaning her house one weekend, complaining about all the work she had to do, and how no one was there to help her. Her son, who was wearing a white T-shirt, was playing nearby and heard her complaints. So he started to roll around on the ground, dirtying his white T-shirt. His mother got so angry that she wanted to smack him, but he said to her: “Mom, I only want to help to clean the floor, so you don’t have to work so hard.”

Locked in the house

A boy’s parents fought all the time, and the word “divorce” was often mentioned during their arguments. One morning after a particularly heated fight, they woke to find themselves locked inside the house.When his mother called the boy and demanded that he come unlock the door, he told her that he’d thrown the keys away. She angrily asked him why, and he said: “As long as that door is locked, you two can never get a divorce.”

The boy saving food for his sister

The boy promised to save her sister the best. (Image: NTD)

(Image: NTD)

On an excursion for children from low income families, at lunch they were given one chicken leg, a hamburger, and small bag of French fries. One of the boys started to put some of the food into the pockets of his shirt and pants. The teacher walked up to him and said: “You are wasting food by doing that.” He replied: “No, I’m not. I promised my little sister that I would save her some better tasting food.”

A little girl’s compassion

A woman went to pick up her daughter from school, but when she got there she found her daughter wasn’t ready to leave, so the mother decided to come back a little later. When she returned, she saw her daughter talking to her teacher, who had tears in her eyes. The teacher’s 2-year-old daughter needed to have a big operation, and the little girl wanted to donate her pocket money of $5.50 toward the cost of the operation.

A daughter’s thoughtfulness

A woman was making her daughter’s bed after coming home from work. When she pulled the blankets back, she discovered the remains of a melted ice cream cone. She was angry and wanted to yell at the little girl. When her daughter entered the room, she said: “Mom, Daddy always eats all the ice cream cones, but I saved you one.” Her mother lifted her up and said: “Thank you for being so nice to Mommy.”

The kindness of strangers

One morning as a woman walked out of her door, she saw a little boy throwing stones at her car. She ran over and grabbed the little boy’s ear and demanded to know what he was doing. The boy was scared, and said: “There is a little cat under your car. I was trying to chase it out with stones. My little cat was run over by a car from doing the same thing.” The woman looked under her car and sure enough, her beloved little cat was under there.

A boy sleeps in the bathroom with Dad

A man drank heavily to drown his sorrows after his wife died of cancer. After a night of heavy drinking, he fell asleep in the bathroom. The next day when he woke, he found his little boy next to him in wet pajamas with one of his little hands holding on to him. He woke his son up and asked him why he had slept in the bathroom. The little boy said: “Mom said that you will feel lonely with no one next to you, so I’m here to keep you company.”

Research by Monica Song and Kathy McWilliams

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