Chinese Tourists Catch Flying Seagulls to Take Selfies for Fun

A seagull was caught and held in a male tourist's hands while other tourists took photos with their mobile phones.  (Image:  Hetang Nahehua via
A seagull was caught and held in a male tourist's hands while other tourists took photos with their mobile phones. (Image: Hetang Nahehua via

Chinese tourists don’t have the best reputation abroad, or at home. They are known for littering, writing graffiti, and washing their feet in hand basins. Recently, a group of regular visiting travelers in China were shocked by the rude behavior of some of the Chinese tourists and recorded the incident.

The group of travelers have visited Kunming, a city in Southwest China, each winter since 1985. Kunming is called the “Spring City” of China due to its mild climate. In November, thousands of seagulls fly to Kunming to spend the winter. They start from as far away as Lake Baikal in the region of Siberia and fly about 4,000 miles across the country to Kunming. The seagulls stay there till spring comes.

Tourists are feeding the seagulls with bread. (Image:

Tourists feeding the seagulls with bread crumbs. (Image:

The visiting seagulls attract lots of tourists to Kunming every year. Visitors bring their cameras and bread crumbs; they enjoy feeding the flying seagulls and taking photos of them. However, tourists sometimes endanger the seagulls for amusement. On Dec. 9, Hetang Nahehua posted photos on an Internet forum that have received lots of criticism from viewers.

In the photos, the seagulls were being caught by Chinese tourists all for the sake of taking a good selfie.

The male tourists were shooting the view with cellphone fixed on a selfie stick. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

The male tourist’s friends were happily shooting a selfie with their mobile phone fixed on a selfie stick. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

A seagull was caught by a male tourist wearing sunglasses. His friends didn’t stop him, and were happily taking photos of their friend, even though the seagull was struggling and panicking, and other seagulls were screeching in panic, too.

Another seagull was flying over the man's head, trying to help his fellow. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

Another seagull flew over the man’s head, trying to help its fellow seagull. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

Hetang Nahehua saw what was happening and angrily took the photos of the bad behavior, and then stopped the tourists. Nahehua has been taking photos of the migrating seagulls for about 30 years, and this is the fourth time he has seen tourists catching seagulls to take photos, according to Kunming News. Hoping to deter future tourists from doing the same thing, he decided to take and publish the photos of the seagulls being abused. “I hope everyone can treat the seagulls in a friendly manner,” he wrote.

A seagull was caught and held in a male tourist's hands, while other tourists were using cellphone to capture the view. (Image:Hetangnahehua/

A seagull was caught and held in a male tourist’s hands while other tourists used their mobile phones to take photos. (Image:Hetangnahehua/

A group of tourists were taking photos with seagulls. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

A group of tourists taking photos with the seagulls. (Image: Hetang Nahehua/

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