The 3D City of Mountains: The Unusual Yet Magical Chongqing

Chongqing, a city where you would appreciate a 3D map. (Image:
Chongqing, a city where you would appreciate a 3D map. (Image:

Three dimensional (3D) maps seem fancy, but haven’t been used much since two dimensional (2D) maps can fulfill most of our needs. However, there is a city where you would celebrate the invention of 3D maps. This is Chongqing, a city sitting in the middle of China.

A train was running through an apartment complex. (Image:

A city train running through an apartment complex. (Image:


Train track inside a residence hall? What?! (Image:

Chongqing is located on the edge of the Yungui Plateau, and is surrounded by small green-capped mountains. From the west to the east of Chongqing, dozens of parallel mountains are widely distributed along the two sides of the Yangtze river.

What’s more interesting, the city’s shape on a map looks very much like the Chinese character “山 (mountain).” Hence, Chongqing has the nickname “山城” meaning “city of mountains.”


This is the authentic “skytrain.” (Image:


The road is built very high in the sky. (Image:

The main city area of Chongqing sits between Mount Zhongliang and Mount Tongluo. Buildings and facilities in the area have been built upon slopes of mountains. Sprawling on hillsides, Chongqing’s buildings and road systems form an illusive, magical, and multi-dimensional maze.


A perfect place to test your car racing skills. (Image:


Seriously, you can pick up your girl friend in your car from her balcony. (Image:


Don’t be surprised if you see people walking by your window even if you live on the 6th floor. (Image:


Again, no surprise. (Image:

Imagine that you walk into a hotel, take an elevator to the 10th floor, and when the door opens, you see a bus running right in front of you. Well, you’re not in dream, but just in Chongqing. This is commonly seen in this city, where 2D maps would be useless.

A Weibo user says:

Taking a bus is just like riding on a roller coaster. Woo-hoo!


Look! See what you have found on the edge of the plaza. (Image:


Chongqing’s complicated road system can add fun and trouble to your travel. (Image:


Trust me, these are not roller coaster tracks! They are highways! (Image:


Think about this, if Siri tells you to go west, how do you know if she means the road you are on, or the road over your head?

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