Look at These Lovely Chinese New Year Cards

    Paper cute of Happy 2016, the year of monkey! (Image: Monica Song)This card says, This card says, Another Festive design to greet the new year. (Image: Monica Song)Cute monkey design to greet the new year. (Image: Monica Song)

    Chinese New Year is equivalent to Christmas for Westerners. Just like Westerners send Christmas cards, Chinese people send greeting cards to their friends and families to wish them best wishes for the new year.

    ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy.’

    This is one of the most popular greetings that is frequently said when people meet each other during the holidays and is often printed on red envelopes/packets. It means: “May you have a prosperous New Year.”

    I’ve received a few greeting cards and would like to share them with you! May these cute monkeys bring you happiness and good luck in 2016. Enjoy!

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