This Attacker Ran Away When the Would-Be Victim Showed Her Smartphone

(Image: Eilidh B via flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

One in every four women in the United States is a victim of sexual harassment or assault. So how can a female protect herself when danger occurs and there is nobody around to help?

The female in the video below saved herself by using an app on her smart phone to scare off a man that was following her with vicious intention.

The app, called OnCamera, is connected with a police station via a web camera. It can stop a crime before it happens because when the smart phone is facing the offender the image of the offender is shown to an actual police officer, and they warn the attacker about the consequences if an assault is attempted.

Right now it can only be connected with the local police where the number of the cell phone is registered. Let’s hope that it can be improved very fast to reduce crime rates, and help people to live a safe life.

Watch how to use the OnCamera app in this video from Liz English:

The app has been getting some great reviews, with this user writing:

Researched by Monica Song

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