Watch the Custom Trump Train Lamborghini Aventador Invade Washington, D.C. and Make the Secret Service Anxious

Driving a Lamborghini emblazoned with the face and sayings of Donald Trump through Washington, D.C. is not just crazy, it’s dangerous. Who knows how many people President Obama sent out to wiretap this guy.

The super slick car you see here is the Lamborghini Aventador. Lamborghini only started selling this model in 2011. The Aventador has already had a big screen role. The car played a robot character in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Expect to pull out about $400,000 to buy one. And if you want it wrapped up as the Trumpventador like this one, there’s no promise that two of these cars can exist in the same world.

The car is part of goldRush Rally 8, a yearly travelling exotic car rally that visits several major cities a year. The driver in the video borrows the car from a friend participating in the Washington, D.C. stop on the car rally. The car turns heads 360 degrees as he drives the potential Republican nominee’s face through the current president’s house.

He gets the car back to his friend as the rally heads to North Carolina. The rally made stops throughout the United States along the route to Los Angeles.

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