These Popsicle Sticks That Don’t Drip Are a Genius New Way to Eat a Cool Summer Snack

Why aren’t Popsicles made this way already? I guess nobody thought that gelatin could freeze and still hold everything together. Either that, or some people enjoy the sweet sticky mess that you get while waiting for this cold treat to thaw out enough to eat.

If you ever needed a reason to get back into Popsicle eating, making them with Jello is your new reason for keeping cool in the summer. And when they’re made with jello, they’re just as convenient to eat when they aren’t cold. Just try doing that with other snacks on sticks like ice cream bars — you’ll be swimming in a sea of milk and sugar in no time. With Jello Popsicles, you can practically leave them out all day and they’ll still be good to eat.

The King of Random is a popular YouTube channel that explores unique solutions to everyday situations, awesome science experiments involving everyday items, and all sorts of funky life hacks. As in all his videos, including this one, results aren’t guaranteed, so try it at your own risk. That’s of course meant for some of the more dangerous experiments on the channel. In any case, if your Jello Popsicle doesn’t turn out the way you expected, you won’t be able to sue anyone.

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