The Best Way to Show Your Love for Your Cat Is to Lick Him With the Licki Brush

It’s possible there are already people doing this without the brush, but that’s disgusting. For those who want to be even closer with their cats without being gross, you can pretend the Licki brush is your tongue, and lick your cat just like cats lick each other.

You could just put an ordinary brush in your mouth and try to groom your cat with it, but that might be a bit awkward. Why not use a brush that is specially designed to go in your mouth instead? This is precisely the product that can bring cat and human together as one.

This product could cause a lot of undue kitty affection to spread among cat owners everywhere. It could make things look really weird when you go into a place where everyone is passing around the mouth brush so they can get a lick of the cat. Why not just pet a cat and leave it at that?

Whoever invented this product is either a joker or someone supremely dedicated to cats. Only the most dedicated cat fanatics need this. PDX Pet Design is a small company that also has a cat toy out that is like a little electronic mouse companion that automatically plays with your cat.

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