The Most Interesting Things You’re Likely to See on the Side of the Road

When it comes to driving down the highway or a road somewhere in America, you’ll find some weird roadside attractions. These are the things you need to stop for on your way to somewhere greater.

Who knew America had these sorts of miniature museums? They aren’t as exciting as real museums, nor nearly as important, but they do provide a moment or two of amusement, and that’s reason enough to go visit them. Who wouldn’t want to see the largest ball of twine, and then add to it?

If the chance to see an unrealistic statue of a gorilla holding a car doesn’t get you on the road, then maybe the fact that you can climb into his open palm, and even fall out if it, will be encouragement enough to get you there. If that’s not enough, you can see the Nicolas Cage pyramid tomb in New Orleans meant to save his movie career.

And if you need more excitement, then head out to the museum truck that houses the world’s largest collection of the smallest versions or the world’s largest things. There you can get a glimpse of the largest things in the world shrunk down and housed in one place.

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