Japan’s Bridge That Gives a Roller Coaster Experience While Driving

Japan’s Roller Coaster Bridge is designed extremely steep so that ships can pass under it. And if you’re driving, you’ll have all the fun of being in a roller coaster while at the same time as getting where you need to go.

And why shouldn’t people take their car with them on roller coaster rides? The bridge is about a mile long and passes over Lake Nakaumi and connects two cities. If you’re in Japan and trying to find this bridge, just mention it by its Japanese name, Eshima Ohashi, locals will make sure you get to the unique sight.

The bridge passes between the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato, giving commuters an exciting way to get to work.

This isn’t the only bridge in the world with a steep grade. There is another one in China and one in France, among other places. Tourists have left messages online saying that the bridge isn’t so scary in person, and that the way it looks in pictures isn’t the way it looks in real life.

Message boards say that the bridge alone isn’t worth the trip, but if you are already in the area it’s a nice curiosity to visit. It probably depends on what sort of terrain you are used to driving on.

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