These 20 Biggest Animals Are Weird, Scary, and Sometimes Dangerous

These are some animals you wouldn’t expect to be this big, since they usually come in much smaller sizes. But there is always a giant among the pack, just like among human beings. If these animals were athletes, they would all be football and basketball players, maybe some would be weight lifters. They are just so unusual, things that you wouldn’t want to bump into in the dark.

Some of these animals are downright scary. A giant rat? Okay that’s just ridiculous. A giant catfish? Who knows what lurks in the sea. Some of these animals are even social media stars with their own Facebook followings.

There are even common farm animals who happen to be extra large, like a giant horse, giant cow, and giant donkey. The giant sea life can feed a village for a month. The giant boat eating spider can probably scare a village for a month before being caught.

Some things should remain small. Unless all humans grow to be super large in proportion to such animals, they really need to stay small like most of their brethren. Sometimes it gets dangerous. The giant crocodile even killed a human before being captured. At least the giant tortoises are more tame, despite being just ridiculously big.

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