Watch Klay Thompson Discover His Father’s Championship Journey

Klay Thompson is currently competing for an NBA championship for the second year in a row. Both Thompson and his MVP teammate Steph Curry have similar situations of being the sons of basketball stars, as well as having brothers who also play or have played in the NBA.

Klay and father Michael Thompson are even more distinguished for being only the fourth NBA father and son pair to win championships in their respective eras.

By studying Klay’s father, you will soon see how his father’s success connects with Klay’s current NBA stardom. Michael Thompson left the Bahamas due to a mistake by a basketball recruiter who was looking for someone else.

But that mistake turned out bringing Michael to the United States and making him into an NBA champion who played with that legendary Los Angeles Lakers team of the 1980s that consisted of basketball greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson.

Klay has also ended up on what is fast becoming a legendary team of a new era. The Golden State Warriors have smashed record after record under the leadership of star duo Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry.

This season they have even managed to surpass records set by the most bullish era of the Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan.

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