How DC Comics Is Celebrating Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary

One of DC Comics most recognized characters and Justice League member Wonder Woman will have her 75th birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s been 75 years since the iconic superhero first appeared in comics books, so DC is making sure to bring her to the forefront, which coincides nicely with the changes DC is bringing to its comic books as a whole.

DC is currently changing its entire lineup of comic books with the Rebirth event, and has even changed its logo.

At various times, Batman and Superman have dominated movie screens as the superheroes at the epicenter before Marvel’s answer with all of its Avengers-related films. But Superman and Batman have long legacies of various actors, costumes, and storylines.

Wonder Woman had her epic cinematic introduction in this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, standing alongside the two male superhero heavyweights, and forming DC Comics’ new superhero movie trinity. She’ll get even more time to build her legend in next year’s Wonder Woman solo movie.

DC gave birth to Wonder Woman all the way back in 1941. They ran a test run to experiment with the idea of a female superhero, which was a rare thing at the time. Seventy-five years later, and the experiment has created an iconic franchise.

The San Diego Comic-Con International will hold a host of activities to celebrate Wonder Woman, and showcase her history. There will be panel discussions focusing on Wonder Woman, and displays of her costumes from the TV series, the new movies, and beyond.

Wonder Woman’s invisible jet will even be on display. It probably won’t be all that invisible, though. For toy collectors, exclusive new Wonder Woman toys will arrive, including a Wonder Woman action figure with the invisible jet. To get one, you’ll have to head to toy collector website after July 16 and hope there are some still in stock. A special Wonder Woman Barbie Doll will also arrive on the same website.

A host of other products, ranging from bags to beauty, will be available, emblazoned with Wonder Woman’s image. It could influence new fashion trends, especially if they release those bullet deflecting bracelets.

And of course the most anticipated item on the list of Wonder Woman fandom is the new Wonder Woman comic book that comes in the midst of DC’s rearrangement of its universe in the Rebirth event. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Rebirth is DC’s attempt to reorganize its comics titles within a new universe yet again.

Rebirth seeks to take DC back to classic form, in some cases skipping over DC’s previous The New 52 formulation, while keeping some of the popular elements from it. Some titles will continue their numbering from before The New 52.

Wonder Woman will also get a sleek new logo and costume in time for the celebrations.

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