What’s It Really Like to Be a Chinese Tourist in Paris

We now live in a world where 1 in 10 tourists is from China, yet only 7 percent of the Chinese population have passports.

Mostly travelling in fast moving tour groups, around 2.5 million of them visit Paris each year for the historic sights and, of course, the shopping.

As they have in other parts of the world, the first-time traveling Chinese haven’t earned themselves the best of reputations in the “city of love.”

And as you’ll see by the above 25-minute Al Jazeera report, there has been somewhat of a clash of cultures between Parisians and the bused-in Chinese.

The video eventually goes beyond the bad behavior when the Al Jazeera correspondent spends a day with a Chinese tour group.

There’s karaoke on the bus. Selfies by the Eiffel Tower. A trip to the Louvre, which has a million Chinese visitors a year (but still no audio guides in Mandarin) and the maps are in English.

The best part of it is that we get to meet Mr. Summer, a Chinese garment factory owner who is travelling with his family seeing the sights Paris has to offer.

And Mr. Summer comes across as a good guy.

Standing outside the famous cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, he says: “The start of civilization is here; only by having such faith can people have civilized attitudes.”

It’s a great insight, given this is from a middle-aged man who has lived in a country ruled by an atheist communist regime that has a lousy record when it comes to treating religions.

So not only do we learn a few things about the French capital, we also learn about China in the process.

Mr Summer was amazed by the quality of the air, and about how clean water was in France.

Back on the tour bus, the reporter asked Mr Summer what he thought is different between people in China and Europe.

“The biggest difference I noticed is the civilized way people behave here. I really like it… People are very polite with each other. Vehicles on the road give way to people. This is a very big difference. This has really impressed me,” said Mr. Summer.

But why, when China had one of the greatest ancient civilizations? It might have something to do with China being ruled by communists, i.e., promoting struggle theory, destroying ancient traditions, and who have also treated the population in an uncivilized, brutal manner for decades. That’s one theory to consider, at least. Watch this episode of China Uncensored till the end for more on that.

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