Animated Video ‘Alike’ Goes Viral

The short animated film Alike, which was co-directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez, earned numerous awards, including “Best Animated Short Film” at the Goya awards.  After it was posted on, it quickly went viral, garnering over 1 million views.  Why did this video resonate with so many people? Let’s take a look.

The father in the film, Copi, finds himself doing the same old thing, day after day. His life becomes a virtual carbon copy of the people around him. One day, he suddenly awakens to the fact that his black and white existence is not only meaningless, it’s also very boring.

The word “alike” means similar or the same.  People are often unconsciously influenced by their surroundings, to the extent that they become completely assimilated to them. The 7-minute film relates to the daily interactions between the father and his son, Paste, amid the backdrop of work and school.

Copi tried to teach his son the correct way to approach his life. But really, what is the correct way? Like many parents, Copi tried to force his view of the world onto his child, not allowing him to focus on the things that he was interested in.

Not only did the father’s actions virtually wipe out Paste’s enthusiasm for life, but they also confined his son to an existence that was very much like those around him. Perhaps the film will give you some insights into the age-old question: “What is the correct way to live life?”

Translated by Chua BC and edited by Mark Pence.

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