Top 9 Most Hilarious News Interviews of All Time

'Apparently Kid' on Ellen Show in 2014. (Photo: Youtube)
'Apparently Kid' on Ellen Show in 2014. (Photo: Youtube)

While the “Apparently Kid” insists on stealing our hearts on the YouTube Channel with his hilarious interview in 2014 , some other folks from different parts of the Planet continue the legend. We have selected the most popular viral videos of these interviewed people, so take a seat and watch what these awesome people said — when they were put in front of a camera.

This kid steals the show during an interview with WNEP-TV

The building is on fire!

Pitted surfer

Kabooyow Lady describes a hail storm

The UFO guy on WGN News

Naoyuki Oi: An invertview as it should be

Witness describes robbery attempt on KMBC 9 News 

Slow talker

Zombie kid likes turtles

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