5 Things You May Regret After You Get Old

What people from China regret most in their life after they get old. (Image: via  pixabay /  CC0 1.0)
What people from China regret most in their life after they get old. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Statistics ranked the top five things  people from China regret most in their life once they get old. You will not guess what be the Number 1 thing is:

N0. 1   

92 percent of the people regret not putting in enough effort during their young days, which resulted in achieving nothing. 

It is said that youth passes very fast; if you do not work hard when you are young, you will regret it when you get old. During youth, you often encounter so many temptations and traps. When you suddenly wake up and find grey hair growing at early age, only then do you start to realize that you have achieved nothing.  

To get what others cannot get, there is a need to pay a price that others are not willing to pay, especially when you are young.  So it is a good idea to take advantage when there is still time, energy, and physical strength to go for it, quickly develop a practical plan, then steadfastly follow the plan step by step, and eventually achieve success.

No. 2

73 percent of people regret going for the wrong occupation when they were young.

Three college students were assigned to work in the same department. A year later, one of them got tired of facing the manager all day long, and then quit the job to work in another industry. The other two did not waver, and stayed back to work from nine to five.  

Another year later, another student decided to resign to venture into his own business and open up his own restaurant. The one who stayed behind did not waver, and even felt proud of his stable life on seeing the other two struggling in the factory and the restaurant.

A few years later, the three met again. The one working in another industry had become head of the factory, the one who opened up a restaurant had become a multi-millionaire, and the one who stayed behind had wasted his remaining “good time.”

In choosing whether to stay in an occupation or start a business, the first thing many people consider is a stable income, as well as leading a comfortable life and not being willing to face challenging opportunities. With no pressure, it will naturally lead to a lack of or no motivation, hence, burying your potential.

No. 3

62 percent of people regret giving improper education to their children.

A child is a continuation of yourself. As a result, many parents use force to supervise children, and even use canes to force their children to toe the line that they have carved out for their children. Most parents end up disappointed and are eventually forced to face reality.

The only exception is a handful of successful parents, while the others had to watch their children struggle so hard and not enjoy their childhoods, as well as not experiencing the joy and sunshine of youth — all in vain.

No. 4

57 percent of people regret not cherishing their partner.

Only after getting drunk do you realize that wine is so thick; only after falling in love do you realize that love is heavy. In the case of sentiment, you do not know how to cherish love when you have it, and only realize it is precious when you lose it.  

Having failed to cherish the love you could have received, you don’t understand or comprehend this when you are young, and it’s too late to regret when you are old.

No. 5

45 percent of people regret not treating their own body properly.

Before the age of 60, many people use their bodies to exchange for everything; after the age of 60, they use everything to exchange for a healthy body. In this world, there is nothing that is more important than your own health; without a healthy body, even being a multi-millionaire or wealthy is still meaningless.  

During youth, you have a choice to regret at anytime or to improve at anytime; however, upon aging, many things cannot be changed. So it is a good idea to take advantage of your youth.

Translated by: Chua BC

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