Foreword to The Giant Awakens

THE GIANT AWAKENS: A Collection of Insights Into Chinese Government Influence in Australia (Image:Yan Xia)
THE GIANT AWAKENS: A Collection of Insights Into Chinese Government Influence in Australia (Image:Yan Xia)

Influence /ˈɪnflʊəns/ [mass noun]: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

The Chinese government’s vast sphere of influence has been a widely debated topic over the past few months. In many instances, discussions have blurred the lines between China – a country with a rich history of 5,000 years – and the Chinese government, currently controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

China’s culture, its arts and trade relations with Australia have had a significant influence on Australia’s development as a well-integrated multicultural society. The cultural and economic contributions of the 1.2 million Chinese living and studying in Australia cannot be overstated.

Yet, as the giant awakens and the Chinese government flexes its financial muscles globally, its influence seemingly comes with covert and overt censorship, control and attempts to silence dissent, which many perceive as a head-on collision with Australia’s democratic values.

Is influence from the Chinese communist government a problem for Australia? How much influence can Australia accept? Is there a bottom line?

We invited over 20 leading China experts and community commentators to discuss their views on the influence of the Chinese communist government and the resulting impact on Australia as a nation in this spectacular collection of eyewitness accounts, personal narratives, opinions and analysis in The Giant Awakens.

Enjoy – and let us know your thoughts!

Yan Xia, Chief Editor, October 2017

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The Giant Awakens

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