Meteor in China Surprises Mid-Autumn Festival Sky Watchers

Screenshots taken from a video of the meteor that flew over Yunnan province during the mid-Autumn festival. (Image:
Screenshots taken from a video of the meteor that flew over Yunnan Province during the mid-Autumn festival. (Image:

On the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a meteor flew through the night sky over Yunnan Province, China. The object exploded mid-air and must have struck the ground, but government officials could not find any traces of debris.

On October 4, many Chinese people were looking up to view the full moon. On that very night at 8:20 p.m., a massive fireball suddenly appeared and soared across the sky. It was reported at various locations at a radius of up to 400 km away.

In Dali, people were unable to see the moon due to cloud cover, when suddenly the dazzling meteor flashed across and illuminated the night sky. A resident in Diqing claimed that when the meteor crashed to the ground, the doors and windows of nearby houses were shaking.

NASA confirmed that it was a meteor traveling at a speed at 14.6 km/s at an altitude of 37 km, and its explosion was capable of releasing the equivalent of 540 tons of TNT.

According to Chinese media, since the explosion was at a relatively low height, less than 40 km from the ground, it is likely that some debris may have reached the ground. Local officials searched the area, but as of the afternoon of October 5, they had not found anything.

It is not known whether there are any reports of injuries or property damage.

Translated by Chua BC

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