True Friends, or Fair-Weather Friends?

Friends are a great asset in life. Cherish them! (Frenk Danielle Kaufman /
Friends are a great asset in life. Cherish them! (Frenk Danielle Kaufman /

How can you tell whether the people around you are true friends, or simply fair-weather hangers-on? There is a world of difference between these two groups.

It is important to be able to clearly distinguish between true friends and fair-weather friends, particularly when you are down and out. It is then that you need a someone to share with who will show understanding and empathy, and stick by your side through thick and thin.


Which of the people around you do you consider to be true friends? (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)


As long as things are running smoothly, fair-weather friends will stick by your side. But as soon as things start to go pear-shaped, fair-weather friends generally disappear quickly, and only those who are left are your genuine friends. These friends tend not to let circumstances determine their friendship, and will often be even closer when you are going through a rough patch.

After reading the following, ask yourself — which of the people around you do you consider to be true friends? These are the people you need to cherish.

Friends help you if you ask;

Good friends help you without your asking;

Fair-weather friends promise to help you, but they don’t;

People who kick you when you’re down are not friends at all.

Friends are a great asset in life. Cherish them!

Missing others is a warm feeling;

Being missed is a blessing;

Soul mates communicate without words;

Confidants befriend, because of intimate talk;

Predestined relationships are long bonding.

No one is indebted to anyone in this world;

But people sometimes do not know how to cherish.

Be grateful, and cherish your life!

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