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The painting 'Departure Herald' shows the emperor's large procession heading toward the imperial tombs of the Ming emperors. (Image:  wikipedia /  CC0 1.0)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

During my summer vacation, I once again carefully read Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I was captivated by the vivid characters in the book. I also gained a renewed understanding about life. Specifically, everything that happens on Earth is designed…

Calligraphy is far more than simply writing characters. (Image: stevendepolo via Compfight/cc)

10 Advantages of Practicing Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a unique traditional culture. But nowadays, we have developed network communication tools, and we seldom write Chinese, not to mention practicing calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy, however, is one of the fundamental ways of self-cultivation; let’s take a closer…


Try This Technique to Become Smarter

Don’t we all want to become smarter? Naturally, but the question is how. Eat more walnuts? Do crosswords or Sudoku? Read more? These are folklore methods, yet scientific data has now proven one specific way to become smarter — learn a new…