Is there gravity in space?

Is There Gravity in Space? Yes

Yes there is gravity. In fact, on the International Space Station (ISS) which orbits Earth at an altitude of around 220 miles (354 km), the force of gravity is still about 90 percent to what it is here on Earth.…

Sometimes, satellite debris hitting an object in space isn’t a big deal. At other times, it can lead to the loss of an entire spacecraft. (Image: Miguel Soares  via Wikimedia Commons via CC BY-SA 4.0 )

Space Junk Damages ESA Satellite

Satellites perform a variety of jobs in space. From bouncing cell phone signals to beaming your favorite television shows, satellites are necessary machines of the 21st century.  Now, it seems that one of the ESA’s (European Space Agency) satellites might…


No, Earth Does Not Have 2 Moons

In a mad rush to gain hits to their sites, media outlets are at it again with headlines such as: “SURPRISE: Earth has two moons” and “Earth now has a second moon” or even “Earth has a second ‘mini’ moon,…