2,190 “Naked Officials” in Guangdong Province

"Naked official" (裸官) refers to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials who stay in mainland China while their wives and children reside abroad. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has reported that from the beginning of reform and opening in 1978 to 2003 about 4,000 corrupt officials left China, taking at least $50 billion out of the country; often spouses and children went first. The government is setting up stricter monitoring systems to decrease the practice. In early 2014, a revision of the rules for the promotion and appointment of senior officials introduced rules that disbarred officials whose spouses live abroad (or if they have no spouse, their children) from promotion.

Recently, Newsgd.com, a news portable based in Guangdong province, reported of 2,190 naked officials in the southern province. More than 280 "naked officials" in Guangdong Province have brought their family members who lived overseas back to China, and nearly 40 percent of the 2,190 naked officials have been reassigned, announced Guangdong authorities on Wednesday.

"After three months’ efforts, Guangdong had reassigned 866 naked officials, including nine department-level and 134 county-level officials," Li Yumei, head of the Organization Department of the CCP Guangdong Provincial Committee, said in an online interview in the official website of the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection of the CCP Central Committee.

Guangdong authorities talked the naked officials out based on a new regulation on official promotion and selection issued in January, which stipulates that naked officials will not be considered for promotion. Naked officials were then offered choices under the limitations.

Source: Newsgd.com, August 29, 2014

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