Wiretapping Storm Sweeps China


Wiretapping devices are pieces of high-tech spying equipment used to eavesdrop on others. Wiretapping is widespread among officials in today’s China and is utilised at all levels of government. Officials wiretap each other to find their opponent’s secrets – then use what they find as a bargaining chip in the promotion process.

While officials are often seen to embrace each other, they’re usually checking whether or not the other party is wearing a wiretapping device. Qi Hong is an expert in spy equipment detection in China. He recently told the media he helped more than 100 officials remove over 300 bugs in 2011.

His job is to locate the wiretap device or pinhole camera in an official’s car, bedroom or office. At his busiest, he has removed more than 40 devices a week. He has also exposed widespread wiretap usage among members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This can be when a subordinate wants to find proof of his superior’s crimes so as to take his position, when competitors want to find one another’s secrets to use against each other or when superiors want to control subordinates. It’s even used by wives and lovers wanting to grasp insider information.

64tianwang modern chinese government

Screenshot of 64tianwang.com website.

Huang Qi, founder of 64tianwang.com, commented:

Spies and police around the world use wiretapping devices to grasp vital intelligence, and countries other than China have had their own bugging scandals. In the US Watergate Scandal, subordinates of President Nixon were found to have broken into the Watergate building to install wiretap devices in order to get hold of secret documents.

The resulting scandal forced Nixon to step down as president. However, in China, wiretapping devices are used in an unusual way.

Bo Xilai Mayor Chongqing murder abuse crimes humanity organ harvesting modern cihnese government

Bo Xilai, former Mayor of Chongqing, currently in custody and is suspected of murder, abuse of power and crimes against humanity.

Former Chongqing Vice-Mayor Wang Lijun wiretapped his boss Bo Xilai. Beipei District Secretary of Chongqing Lei Zhengfu was dismissed over a promiscuous video. Huang Qi believes wiretapping devices aren’t used as a tool to handle corruption.

Instead, they’ve become weapons officials and business interest groups use to control opponents.

The CCP has taken its use further by launching a fearsome “wiretapping storm” on dissidents who the CCP believes may hurt its regime.

Telephone Recording Adapter modern chinese government

Telephone Recording Adapter. (Image: KLLvr283 via Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Hong Kong Open Magazine published an article by Yi Zhiguang that disclosed Chinese Internet police not only use traditional monitors, cameras and wiretapping devices, but also a dedicated “monitoring account” to spy on dissidents’ actions on the Internet. This includes hacking people’s passwords and copying their log-in system. The Internet police are online 24 hours a day.

Zhu Xinxin, former editor of Hebei People’s Radio, remarked:

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