Chinese Official Goes on Rampage at Airport

On Feb 19, Chinese official Yan Linkun, a prominent member of China’s Communist Party, was having breakfast and so could not board his plane on time. He responded by immediately smashing the facilities at the Kunming Changshui International Airport.

Not only did he yell at the support staff at the airport, he destroyed computer equipment and glass doors. The whole incident was captured on video and later broadcast throughout the European and American media. The incident has become an international joke.

Who is this man? Why did he have the audacity to behave like this?

CBS television broadcast the whole process of Yan Linkun making a big scene on Feb 27. The show’s host said that judging from the pictures, there were at least three uniformed security staff nearby while the incident was playing out.

Why didn’t they intervene and instead let Yan cause damage at will? One blogger said this is exactly the behaviour of a terrorist and asked why airport security didn’t use their power to stop him. Another blogger said Chinese security officials typically use force on ordinary people, but pretend not to notice when high ranking officials do something wrong.

If this had been an ordinary person, security would have come to punch and kick him. Yan Linkun later apologised to the airport authority and promised compensation for all losses suffered. He has been suspended from his post by the Yunnan Mining Company where he worked.

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