When ‘Free China’ Moved Hong Kong Audiences

The documentary Free China: The Courage to Believe, produced by Michael Perlman and co-produced by American director Mike Bowman and NTD Television.

Miss Ye Qiuqi, who brought about the successful premiere, said that this was the film’s first showing in Hong Kong after its 400 screenings worldwide. After having taken a look at the online trailer for just three minutes, she immediately decided to take the initiative to contact NTD Television for an application to show it in Hong Kong.

She did this for three reasons. First of all, Hong Kong people are paying more attention to defending fundamental human rights. If we do not attach importance to the current status of the CCP’s interfering in Hong Kong, Hong Kong will perish.

Free China producer Kean Wong (L) and Michael Perlman (R). (Image: Catherine Yang/The Epoch Times)

Secondly, the CCP not only violates domestic human rights, but also tries to enforce its control over Hong Kong and assimilate Taiwan under the communist banner. Finally, if the righteous forces coming from these three places combine, this powerful relationship will cause the CCP to be afraid.

Public’s focus on the truth

There was no shortage of senior media people and documentary filmmakers from both Hong Kong and Mainland China in the audience attending the premiere.

After tearfully watching the film, a student from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts asked the organiser to provide an opportunity for her classmates to also see such a high level documentary production so they could gain a further understanding of the truth behind China’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

A gentleman who came from a remote area of Mainland China and is doing film research at Baptist University said he was shocked by the fact that Falun Gong is persecuted by the authorities to such an extent.

This is totally opposite to the massive publicity he saw on TV at home. He felt overwhelmed and sorry about his unawareness before learning the truth and hopes that more Chinese people can learn the truth.

This film has won six international awards and was nominated for Best Soundtrack Album at the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Please watch this trailer of the documentary Free China: The Courage to Believe:


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