Why Wealthy Chinese Immigrants Return Home After Getting Green Card

The loneliness behind wealthy Chinese immigrants is hard to express. (Jonathan Kos-Read/Flickr)
The loneliness behind wealthy Chinese immigrants is hard to express. (Jonathan Kos-Read/Flickr)

Nowadays, more and more rich Chinese immigrate overseas, taking their capital from China to more stable economies. But after they receive their green cards many of these wealthy Chinese immigrants return home. Life in foreign counties is too hard for them.

For immigrants who do not have an abundant amount of money, their daily activities include making meals, watching DVDs, inviting a few friends to visit, and keeping pets. It seems like a pretty good life, but the loneliness behind it is hard to express. Older immigrants are even more isolated and lonely. They have language barriers, and have to get used to local food, culture, and customs.

But it is perhaps felt the hardest for incredibly wealthy Chinese VIPs. The loss of social advantages they had in China through human connections becomes a huge handicap for them. For example, if he wants to reserve a room in a popular restaurant, he’ll be pandered to and given special treatment. If he feels bad, he can get a nice room in the best hospital through his connections. Everywhere he goes, he will be properly taken care of.

However, in foreign countries, rules and regulations dominate the society, and all those human connections, which stemmed from money and power, suddenly all disappear.

A young immigrant in Canada put it this way: “When those 40-60-year-old VIPs and celebrities come to the West, they are totally debilitated and turn into helpless dummies.”


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