The Emperor and Chinese Yellow Tea, Part 2

After Chake offered to visit Zhao in Beijing, Zhao replied: “if you come to the capital city, you are welcome to visit my house. I was so ill last night; what medicine did you use to relieve my pain?” Chake replied: “You were cured by huoshan yellow tea.”

Zhao was very surprised. He said: “I have lived in the capital city for years and drunk all kinds of famous teas, but I have never had that kind of tea. What’s the name of this tea and in which place it is produced?”

Chake opened the lid and showed him the tea. When it steeped in the hot water, it emitted a pleasant scent. Chake made the tea for Zhao, and told him the legend of the tea. During the telling of the story, Zhao kept proclaiming: “Good tea! Good tea!”

Zhao gave Chake a yellow handkerchief so Chake could find him when he went to the capital to visit him. The next morning, they bid farewell to each other and went their separate ways.

Two years later, Chake remembered Zhao and thought it would be a good time to visit the capital, do some business, and meet his friend.

Chake traveled all the way to Beijing. After he got there, he learned the yellow handkerchief was an imperial handkerchief, and it turned out his friend Zhao was the emperor. After that, officials sent people to where the huoshan buds grew, and cured it especially as a tribute to the Emperor.

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