Wanted? Reward for the ‘Already Killed’ Xinjiang Explosion Suspects

Xinjiang police claimed the Urumqi train station explosion, a terrorist attack, has been solved, and that the attackers were killed at the scene within 24 hours of the incident. However, a 100,000 yuan reward was then offered for clues regarding the attackers.

The notice was then quickly removed later. This series of reactions by the authorities has been widely called into question. It is suspected that the police falsified the report and the suspects are still at large.

On May 3, Urumqi police released a reward notice on its official Sina Weibo which read: “Investigation of the two suspects of the violent terror attack at the Urumqi train station on April 30 continues. Any information about the suspects’ vehicle, housing rental or lodging should be reported to the police. Contact officers Han, Zhang, and Wang.”

NTD reporter: “Is this police officer Han?”

Xinjiang police station at Shayibake branch: “Ah, this is.”

Reporter: “I would like to know how many suspects are involved in the reward notice on the Internet?”

Police officer Han: “Two. The notice has specified that it is two.”

The police also claimed to award 100,000 yuan for credible clues, and those who conceal and do not report will be held liable. In addition, photos of suspects were attached with the notice.

Within 24 hours of the explosion, Xinjiang police and Mainland media announced that the case had been solved overnight, the explosion was a serious and violent terrorist attack, the explosion killed three people including the two suspects, two attackers were Uighurs from Xinjiang, of which the identity of one was confirmed.

Netizens questioned why authorities have posted a reward for suspects they claimed were dead. Was the ‘solved’ case a fabrication?

Wu Fan, commentator: “To put it bluntly, it is full of deceit and cheating. No suspects have been caught, they have not even a slight idea of who the suspects are. The case has not been solved at all. The name they released was false, unreal, and incomplete. It is very likely that none of those killed were the suspects.”

The abnormal police behavior has led analysts to believe the authorities have no specific information of the suspects. Hong Kong’s Apple Daily also reported on May 3 that Xinjiang police were accused of seeking meritorious service award with false report. RFI reported that at least two suspects were at large.

Wu Fan: “Why did the police falsify the report? This case is huge. Immediately after Xi Jinping concluded his visit, the explosion took place. It is humiliating to the Xinjiang police. It is also embarrassing to Xi, who was very angry. These people tried to make up for the big flaw with the falsified report.”

A netizen told NTD that a friend of his who works on drafting news reports for the government is a professional ethnic researcher. His friend told him that all transcripts for media about Xinjiang incidents, such as those from the Global Times and Phoenix TV, came from his writings. However, he was completely at a loss when editing news about the Xinjiang explosion, because all the press releases have all been fabricated according to authorities’ wishes.

This source disclosed the authorities’ inclination to link all incidents to religious organizations, including the Urumqi train station bombing. It was reported as a ‘stabbing followed by detonation of bombs’ purposely to tie it to the Kunming incident. All incidents will be attributed to ethnic issues or terrorist attacks.

Information revealed by insiders as well as witnesses have people questioning the so-called terrorist attack. People actually suspect that instead of ethnic or religious issues, the incidents are rather a warning and revenge against Xi Jinping’s leadership by his political opponents in the regime.

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