Vietnam’s Anti-Chinese Protests Put to a Stop: War Still Possible?

On May 18, massive anti-Chinese protests in Hanoi and other Vietnamese cities were stopped by armed police squads. Although the violence has ceased, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Ministry of Foreign Affairs said some bilateral programs between China and Vietnam have been put on hold, and warned Chinese citizens not to visit Vietnam.

Photos uploaded online capture CCP militaries marching toward Vietnam. Commentators said the current global situation may drive the CCP authorities to strike a war preparation pose, but that it won’t really start a war.

Vietnamese police have been on patrol near local Chinese and Korean restaurants. According to Taiwanese business owners in Vietnam, the violent incidents against Chinese that broke out days ago had been quelled for the time being.

Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou has nevertheless required all departments to be prepared to help Taiwanese people leave Vietnam when necessary.

The CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced the evacuation of Chinese living in Vietnam. About 3,000 Chinese have returned to China.

Chinese netizens revealed that a large delivery of heavy artillery was brought from Chongzuo of Guangxi Province to Pingxiang, a border city between China and Vietnam. Weapons include tanks, panzers, and commanding vehicles. Chinese netizens said the Friendship Pass between the two countries had been closed.

Wu Fan, Editor-in-Chief of China Affairs magazine: “A small war between the CCP and Vietnam is possible. If the CCP’s oilrig is destroyed, that will be regarded as an offence. Then a war will definitely break out.”

Wu Fan commented that tensions in South China waters are exactly what the CCP authority wants right now. Wu said the CCP is facing a serious economic slowdown and more social turbulence. As the anniversary of the June 4 Incident approaches, the CCP authority urgently needs to shift public attention to foreign affairs.

Currently in China, the number of arrested dissidents continues to increase. In many cities armed police are publicly “demonstrating their power.” Police in major cities have been guarding crossings with guns.

Lan Shu, Political Commentator: ”The key is how bad the social conflicts and power struggle inside the CCP are. If they have been serious enough to threaten the entire regime, it is not impossible that the CCP will start local wars with its neighbors.”

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