Wedding Bells for 113-Year-Old Chinese Woman and 70-Year-Old Boyfriend

An elderly Uyghur couple getting married. (Image:
An elderly Uyghur couple getting married. (Image:

A 113-year-old bride in north-west China may have just become the oldest person in the world to get married!

Aizhatihan Sawuti of Bachu County in Xinjiang Province tied the knot with her boyfriend of six months last week, Aimaiti Ahemti, after they met at a nursing home.

Aimaiti told about when the couple first met in the cafeteria. “She seemed to quite enjoy the meal,” he said. Suddenly Aizhatihan looked at him and said she didn’t eat meat, so Aimaiti could have hers. He felt flattered, and accepted the offer. “I thought this lady was really kind,” he said.

After that, he began to pay attention to Aizhatihan, and discovered her love of life. They would often chat, go for walks, and dance together. Gradually Aimaiti realized he would like to spend the rest of his life with Aizhatihan, so he proposed to her.

Unexpectedly, Aizhatihan declined because she thought they were too old. “People will laugh at us if we get married. Being friends is good enough,” she said.

But Aimaiti was undeterred and insisted, especially because being legally married would make it easier for him to look after her. “I thought if we get married, I can take her to the place she wish to go. If she feels sick, I can take care of her.”

The couple had a simple ceremony in the cafeteria, and invited their fellow residents to join the celebration.

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