Apple Developers Conference 2014: “Best Product Pipeline in 25 Years”

Image: (Kim Ahlström/
Apple Image: (Kim Ahlström/

Apple iCloud and iTunes chief Eddy Cue says the products that will start to come out in this year are the “best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple.”

A glimpse into the future of Apple will be on display at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 (WWDC) which started Monday.

Here are 9 things rumored to be up Apple’s sleeve in ’14.

iOS 8: iOS 8 will refine some of iOS 7’s “rough edges”. The most interesting new feature is an app called Healthbook. Read on for more info.

iWatch: A watch. A phone. And perhaps a way to connect to Apple’s Healthbook app. Apple has been hiring health experts in loads and its new app will “collect data on information such as blood pressure, activity, heart rate, and sleep.” Where will the data come from? Maybe sensors on the new iPhone model. But more than likely it will connect to iWatch. This is the most accessible way for Apple to more forward in the digital self-monitoring health industry.

Smart homes: An app that synchronizes your iPhone to your house. Unlocks your front doors. Turns on your lights. Plays your favorite song to welcome you home.

OS X: A new operating system for Mac. Apple is known for its bright, clean, simple looks. The system will be re-designed to look more Apple-like. It will also look more like the iOS7 system– the operating system for iPhone’s and iPad’s. The new OS X will synchronize with more apps allowing users to do things like seeing a call on their laptop and being able to text a response.

Siri: “Not sure what song you’re hearing on the radio?… Siri will be able to listen to songs and automatically identify them when asked.”

MacBooks: Apple’s high-resolution Retina displays, used in iPhones and iPads, is coming to the MacBook Air.

iPad: A Touch ID fingerprint sensor may be in the works for an extra layer of security. Right now only in iPhone 5s but purportedly to be expanded to other products.

“WWDC has become a show that’s all about software, and the software that Apple demonstrates is all meant to prepare it and developers for the products to come over the next several months.”

Programmers, start your engines.

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