He Diligently Filmed a Time-Lapse of Shanghai’s Skyline for 2 Years From His 23rd Floor Window, It’s Magnifique!

We all know with dedication, (OK, an artistic eye is also necessary) comes results. Joe Nafis‘ time-lapse of Shanghai is good. The time-lapse connoisseurs all agree, with gushing praises, on his Vimeo page.

You’re not only hypnotized by the magic of city lights, seasons, clouds rolling by, and the odd lightening storm, but the Shanghai Tower grows up right before your eyes. Then there’s the giant orange diggers down below that seemingly eat a huge building (my favorite part, don’t ask me why).

It’s edited cleverly, beginning with the sunrising, moving forward with ceaseless motion and activity, and finally crescendos, in exactly three minutes, with Chinese New Year Fire works.

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