Chinese Man Grows a D Cup From Diet Rich in Soy Milk and Eels

Guys, be careful what you eat or you might get moobs! (
Guys, be careful what you eat or you might get moobs! (

A man in his forties in Zhejiang Province developed large breasts over a couple of years, apparently due to consuming lots of soy milk, and freshwater eels.

Surnamed Liu, he was operated on in Jinhua City to remove the growths, which doctors linked to abnormally high estrogen levels, according to Zhejiang News.

Some men have been known to grow breasts due to obesity, cancer, or poor liver function. However, Liu had none of these, and was actually quite fit and healthy, which was why the doctors blamed his diet.

Soy milk contains plenty of phytestrogens, and aquaculture farms in China tend to use hormones to make fish grow faster, so Liu’s estrogen intake was far too high.

Mrs. Liu was possibly more embarrassed by the situation, because her husband’s breasts became bigger than hers!

There were plenty of comments about the story from Chinese bloggers, mostly women. One said: “Great! We can do the same thing to get bigger ourselves!”

And another wrote: “Damn it, why doesn’t such a good thing happen to me?”

A third joked: “LOL! His wife must feel under great pressure!”

Several years ago, a man in Shandong Province reportedly grew “Asia’s biggest man boobs,” after using hormones to treat his baldness.

With translated research by Iris.

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