13 Story Devices You’ll See in Every Popular Asian Drama

The popularity of Asian drama is growing. Korean drama TV series lead the way, though other Asian countries have also seen success. Many of these dramas are subtitled and broadcast around the world.

It’s no wonder their audience is growing. American soap operas lack the emotion and intrigue of Asian drama. Asian drama series are usually bright, colorful, and fun. By contrast, American soap operas are predictable, boring, and drab.

There is definitely a broader appeal and more diverse audience possible for Asian drama. The video explores some common story points and plot devices you’ll see in Asian drama, so you’ll be ready when you see them on TV.

Don’t worry if you don’t see Asian or Korean drama broadcast in your area. You can explore the numerous Asian drama series available to watch on websites all over the internet.

#1 Rich guy falls for poor girl. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Story Device #1 Rich guy falls for poor girl. (Screenshot/Youtube)

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