This New Cup of Noodles Craze Is Getting a Little Out of Hand! (Funny video)

Pudding and instant noodles? Interesting…maybe even delicious (for Oscar the Grouch). Still, they seem to be loving it! Here are some new and different ways of eating instant ramen noodles.

The video is in Chinese, here’s the gist:

“Oh man, I’m so hungry, what are we going to eat for dinner?”

“I’ve prepared something very yummy and special for us.”

“Is that just cup noodles? It’s so ordinary.”

This is not just some average cup noodles, OK?! It’s being shared on the internet that some people are mixing puddings with the Herbal Stewed Pork flavor noodles, and the result turned out to be like the ‘Miso & Pork Bone soup flavor noodle soup!”

“Oh my gosh, that’s outrageous!”

“OK, so we going to show you three different combinations. They are: ‘Herbal stewed pork flavoured cup noodles with added Pudding; soya bean paste and minced pork flavor noodles with added soft tofu; and ‘Seafood flavor noodles with added milk and seaweed.”

“Let’s try them straight away, and see if we’re going to get the runs!!!”

“First one, the soup became tastier, with a little sweet flavor. Feels as I’m back in Japan, it is great!

“Second one is the ‘Seafood flavor noodles with added milk, you need to heat up the milk. Wow, the soup taste like milk, it’s so authentic and tasty, salty and sweet, do you want to add some beef tendons? What do you think? Oh now it actually taste a bit strange, I should not have added the beef tendon flavor.”

“Third one is yoya bean paste with minced pork flavor noodles with added soft tofu. What does it taste like? It’s a bit like the sesame paste flavor, as well as potatoes with peanuts, it is not so salty. But it actually tastes awful.”

“All right, all the tests have been done very successful, but what we want to tell you is, natural is the best, do not add whatever you think it might be tasteful, it could turn out disastrous, and the cost could be a lot more too.”

“OK see you later, I need to go to the bathroom!”

“Seriously, that night after we’ve created this video, I did truly have the runs.”


Research by Lulu, translation by Wei

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