WATCH: Chinese Woman Pours Gasoline on Husband’s Mistress, Sets her Alight [Warning: Graphic Video]

A woman set fire to and killed another woman in Yunnan Province in the early hours of June 29, creating a blaze that reached as high as two stories. A passing motorist happened to film the whole incident which happened in the capital of Kunming. The wife remained at the scene, watching the fire, and then committed suicide by drinking poison and stabbing herself in the chest and stomach, reported. By the time firefighters arrived, the victim was already dead.

The attacker was still alive when the police came, but foaming at the mouth, and mumbling that the dead woman was a criminal who had destroyed her family, forcing her to get a divorce. Before she died, the woman said she had endured the situation for three months, while she waited for her daughter to take the college entrance exam. Now that the exam was over, and her daughter got good grades to get into college, she felt she had no other commitments in life, and could seek revenge. Netizens made a variety of comments on the story. One asked: “Why didn’t she set fire to the cheating husband?” Another said: “The wife is so stupid! Even she weren’t sentenced to death, she would be put in jail. She would get nothing from the divorce while the fault is all her husband’s. He can get rid of the mistress and wife in one shot, without any loss, and then just fool around and find another mistress.” A third wrote: “Tragic… I hope our country can improve the laws to protect the legitimate interests of the wife and their children. A moral condemnation is not enough. Some people are just shameless… ”

A woman set another woman on fire, reportedly the mistress of her ex-husband. (Screenshot/

A woman set another woman on fire, reportedly the mistress of her ex-husband. (Screenshot/

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