Deformed Piglet in Taiwan Born With Two Mouths and Two Noses (Photo)

Hong Kong based Apple Daily reported the birth of a piglet bearing two mouths and two noses from a mixed-breed mother pig in Taiwan. The pig gave birth to five piglets in Yunlin, Taiwan last week, one of which had the deformity. 

The piglet weighed in at two pounds and is thinner and smaller than its brothers and sisters. Like many deformed baby animals, it can neither walk, stand or suckle on its own and has had to be fed artificially. Many such animals die shortly after their birth.

The pig farmer has been raising hogs for 30 years. He said that two years ago a pig gave birth to a piglet with two heads and eight legs. It soon died.

Apparently, a number of Taiwanese collectors (don’t ask me of what) had placed bids on the piglet which was then sold to them. The price was not disclosed.

Click here for another strange piggie. And, to quote The Shanghaiist: “Now don’t even get us started on this human-faced pig monstrosity that made headlines in Laos this week.”


Images: Apple Daily via Shanghaiist

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