Top 4 Bible Stories Quoted by Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece (Er, Hang on, Aren’t They Atheist?)

In Front of Noah's Ark by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (Wikimedia Commons)
In Front of Noah's Ark by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (Wikimedia Commons)

The latest gaffe from communist China is this list of “16 must-learn classic Western stories” published by the People’s Daily at the weekend, which includes four bible stories from the Old Testament:

1. Pandora’s Box.

2. Noah’s Ark.

3. Ivory Tower.

4. Waterloo.

5. Crocodile Tears.

6. Judas’ Kiss.

7. Garden of Eden.

8. The Forbidden Fruit.

9. Domino.

10. The Sword of Damocles.

11. Muse.

12. Riddle of the Sphinx.

13. Pygmallion.

14. Aegis’ Cow.

15. Achilles’ Heel.

16. Uncle Sam.

While the Chinese government is well-known for religious persecution, its state mouthpiece hailed Noah’s Ark as a story of “salvation during disaster,” and described the Kiss of Judas as “shameful acts of betrayal.”

The piece also threw in a reference to Uncle Sam for good measure, even though last week, the political journal Quishi published an anti-America article titled: “Why the Democratic Movement Is Also a Type of Cult,” which was spread by Chinese media.

Well, if nothing else, the propaganda chiefs are certainly succeeding at keeping us guessing!

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