Can U.S. Drinkers Swallow China’s Top-Selling and Face-Kicking Spirit?

In China, the super strong alcoholic spirit, Baijiu, is everywhere—and if you’re doing business in China, you’ve no doubt seen, smelled, or maybe even tried it.

But if you don’t have to drink it to get a business deal, why would you? It’s much stronger than vodka, apparently “tastes slightly worse than petrol,” and shouldn’t be smelled because it will “kick you in the head.”

Although few U.S. drinkers have heard of baijiu yet, it won’t be long before more will be giving it a try as a number of companies are attempting to crack the market by Westernizing the flavor, the bottle, and the name to suit U.S. spirit drinkers. So, will it work? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The team at Foreign Policy gave it a taste test. Watch the video to see what they think of Baijiu.

Will Baijiu take off in the U.S.? (

Will Baijiu take off in the U.S.? (

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