Pigeon-nappers Use Birds to Send Ransom Notes in Taiwan

Homing pigeons. (Pikiwikisrael)
Homing pigeons. (Pikiwikisrael)

A ring of racing pigeon kidnappers in Taipei managed to collect nearly NT$1 million (about $33,500) in ransoms using their own birds to transport the demands, according to AFP.

The men set up a net in Ruifang Township to catch the birds, and took up to NT$2,500 (about $85) per fowl by leaving their own homing bird in a box at an agreed destination. The victim then had to deposit the money in a plastic straw on the bird’s ankle, and set it free. In return, one of the kidnapped birds would be released.

Police managed to catch five of the criminals, and also four of their ransom-carrying birds. They had been trailing the operation for more than two months.


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