Top 10 Donnie Yen Scenes in Kung Fu Films. Is He Better Than Bruce Lee?

Donnie Yen is arguably the biggest martial arts movie star today. He cemented that status with amazing performances as the Wing Chun legend in Yip Man and Yip Man 2.

But Yen has made a lot of films over the years. Many of them quite different than each other. He’s done great work in a variety of fighting styles. Everything from MMA to boxing to breakdancing.

The breakdancing comedy film aside, is there another actor that can top Donnie Yen in martial arts films today? Take a look at this top 10 for an overview of Yen’s work and tell us which ones you like best.

Top 10 overview of Yen's work. Which one is your favourite? (Youtube)

Top 10 overview of Yen’s work. Which one is your favourite? (Youtube)

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