Stranded Climber Lived Off Worms and Grass for 13 Days in Shandong Province

An injured climber gets rescued on Mount Tai. (Screenshot/China News)
An injured climber gets rescued on Mount Tai. (Screenshot/China News)

A hiker who got stuck on Mount Tai survived on insects and grass for nearly two weeks before being rescued.

Surnamed Hong, the 43-year-old fell from a cliff while climbing with a shepherd guide, and passed out. When he woke up, he had extreme back pain and leg numbness, and his wallet and cell phone had gone.

Hong waited a week to be rescued, before managing to climb up the cliff to a reservoir, where he shouted for help. He ate whatever he could find, including wild grass, ants, worms, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, according to China News Service.

He was eventually found by a park employee, and is recovering at home after being in hospital.


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