Alishan Travel Tips: See Taiwan’s Majestic Beauty in Photos

    A staircase hike up to a beautiful, heavenly view of the distant clouds at the top of Alishan in Taiwan. (Vision Times)A group of indigenous homes with beautiful Alishan mountains in the background. (Vision Times)A temple at Alishan. (Vision Times)Blooming cherry blossoms at Alishan Mountain in Taiwan. (Vision Times)A city above the clouds: Alishan's majestic beauty revealed. (Vision Times)View from one of the hikes in Alishan park, Taiwan. (Vision Times)Taiwan's famous Oolong tea fields, complimented by ethnic singing and dancing. (Vision Times)

    Alishan, also known as Mount Ali, is Taiwan’s most visited national park.

    Alishan (shan means mountain) is a range of mountains, rather than one huge peak, but visitors can climb up its tallest point which is about 8,700 feet. The park is home to Taiwanese red cypress trees, many of which have been growing for over 2,000 years.

    As of January, half of the train line within Alishan park is reopened (a 2009 typhoon did significant damage), so now is one of the better times in the past five years to visit! You can get to the park by train, bus, or car.

    The Alishan park is full of many great hikes, very short—leading to the famous old sacred trees—to all
    If you are a tea fan, Alishan is home to some of the best oolong tea in the region. The tea is grown at elevation and watered by fresh mountain streams.

    After you’re done hiking and drinking the best oolong tea you’ve ever had, you’ll most likely need a place to rest for the night, unless you head back the same afternoon on the train.

    The Alishan region has a number of hotels, but can be expensive. There are also camping sites near the park (you’ll need a car to drive there).

    Our photographer got some great shots from her last visit to Alishan. Leave some tips for fellow travelers if you’ve been, or questions if you plan to go.

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