Yogurt Ban: Authorities Outlaw ‘Dangerous’ Dairy Product and Other Liquids to Prevent Unrest in Urumqi

(Gnsin/Wikimedia Commons)
(Gnsin/Wikimedia Commons)

Bus passengers in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Province, will be checked for lighters, powders, and liquids, following a new security directive aimed at preventing terrorism.

As well as yoghurt, and water, cooking oil is also on the blacklist, according to state media Legal Daily. The restriction was reportedly put in place after several arson attacks on buses in Hangzhou and Guangzhou using explosive liquids.

The Chinese government clamped down on the predominantly Uyghur Muslim region in May, when more than 30 people died in a street market, and Islamic extremists were blamed for a deadly knife attack on Kunming train station in March.

A similar ban was placed on matches and lighters in Liaoning Province last month, with purchasers required to register their real name.

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