LOOK: China’s Dancing Police Put Grannies to Shame

    Wherever the mood takes you!  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)And the kitchen!  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)Dancing in the gym.  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)People's armed police dancing to 'Little Apple.' (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

    If you thought grannies dancing with guns was a thing in China, then the People’s Armed Police just took it to a whole new level in Jilin Province, prancing to the pop song Little Apple … on the training field, in the gym, the kitchen …

    Looks like some light-hearted relief from anti-terrorism drills, and patrolling the city?!

    Little Apple by the Chopsticks Brothers recently went viral online, and is a promotional song for the comedy movie Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon. It’s one of the songs that Chinese aunties or damas have been dancing to in plazas across the country.

    Armed guards dancing to 'Little Apple.' (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

    People’s armed police dancing to ‘Little Apple.’ (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)


    Dancing in the gym.  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

    Dancing in the gym. (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)


    And the kitchen!  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

    And the kitchen! (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)


    Wherever the mood takes you!  (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

    Wherever the mood takes you! (Screenshot/ChinaNews.com)

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