One-Legged Doctor Hobbles From Village to Village in Sichuan Mountains

    A one-legged doctor walks to remote villages in Sichuan Province. (Screenshot/China News)Check-up for a villager in remote Sichuan Province. (Screenshot/China News)Villagers farewell the visiting doctor as he leaves for the next place. (Screenshot/China News)

    A one-legged doctor has been looking after villagers in a remote mountainous area of Sichuan Province for over 30 years.

    Now 53, Chen Yonggen, had his left leg amputated due to osteomyelitis as a young boy. He still manages to see all his patients in their homes, and is popularly known as the “most beautiful rural doctor,” according to China News.

    Chen uses a cane to traverse the rough rural roads in Longquanyi District near Chengdu, often falling over as makes his way from village to village. He got called out to see a patient one night, and took a bad fall in the dark, but fortunately a tree stopped him from falling all the way down the hill.

    When he becomes too old to keep walking, he hopes that a younger man will be able to take over his job, the Guangming Online reported.

    Translated research by Mona.

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