Parents Freeze Drowned Sons Awaiting Explanation From Officials About Dangerous Quarry [Warning: Graphic Images]

    The two boys. (Screenshot/YouTube)The boys' bodies next to the quarry pit. (Screenshot/YouTube)Left: The parents grieving next to the quarry after they found the boys' bodies. Right: Preparing the body to be frozen. (Screenshots/YouTube)

    A couple in Hunan Province have frozen their two dead sons’ bodies while they wait to hear back from local authorities about why they failed to make safe a flooded quarry where the boys died.

    The 3- and 5-year-old boys were throwing stones into the pit, which is part of an excavated site where a new road was meant to be built two years ago. The younger boy fell in, and his brother jumped in to help him, but neither could swim so they drowned, according to

    Locals have been complaining to the council about the derelict area in Loudi, where children have been playing, despite parents warning them not to. Just last week another boy nearly drowned there, but was saved by a villager who happened to pass by.

    There has been no response yet either from the authorities or the construction firm that was meant to have filled in the hole.

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