Yunnan Quake Fatalities Near 600 as ‘Golden 72 Hour’ Rescue Period Passes

    A survivor grieving in the remains of his house. (Screenshot/Global Times)Landslides blocked the river, forming dangerous barrier lakes. (Screenshot/Sina News)Machines work to clear access to the quake-struck villages. (Screenshot/Sina News)A road cleared of landslides allows rescuers to reach the area. (Screenshot/Sina News)A man holds his dead son's arm after pulling him from the rubble. (Screenshot/Global Times)

    Rescue teams in Yunnan Province found dozens more bodies on August 6, bringing the death toll up to 589 from 410 yesterday, following the deadly quake that struck the region on Sunday.

    Over 4,000 residents have been evacuated from the Niulan River area where a barrier lake formed by landslides is causing water levels to rise to dangerous levels, China News Service reported.

    Around 2,400 people were injured during the disaster, and almost 230,000 have been relocated with minimal access to food and water.

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